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genderless deodorant for the future

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Deodorant is one of many hygiene products that fall under the pink tax, and therefore have a much higher markup for women than for men.

While there are men that use women’s deodorant for its gentler qualities and women that use men’s deodorant for its perceived strength, there is an unnecessary stigma associated with both.

Moxi is the genderless deodorant brand for the future. Organized by strength and scent, Moxi doesn’t skimp on the functionality and allows users to focus on their own individual deodorant needs rather than purchasing the socially prescribed product.

Missy Thieman, Charlotte Simons

The Pink Tax refers to the extra amount women are charged for certain products or services. Women pay 13% more on average for female products.
— listenmoneymatters.com

moxi conforms to your individual needs, not societial ideas of gender.



Moxi has three strength levels that are easy-to-read. The scents are neutral, ranging from light to strong. We decided to include the spectrum of colors so the packaging doesn’t reflect to be too feminine or masculine. The ingredients are listed on the front for full transparency, as we want to make safe, allergen-free, non-toxic products for our customers that are still as functional as our current users’ staple brands.


Gender Norms

Are The Pits


Market Opportunity

While there are obviously numerous competitors in the deodorant space, including a slew of new gender-neutral brands, there is an untapped opening in the more functional, yet well-designed products.


Competitor Packaging Audit


In the category there is a general move toward more neutral coloring and branding in new products, however the use of color in these options is minimal and in a regular drug store setting, it can be hard to tell the products apart.


Packaging Design Inspiration


Color in packaging is moving out of the typical gender stereotypes, and more and more brand are offering color blocked products, where every variety has its own distinct hue, but the overall design stays the same.


Brand Inspiration

Societal trend of understanding gender as a social construct, allowing more room for individuality and self-expression. This comes across in the design world, but also in the general world of packaged goods and beauty marketing.