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Revel - a brand and platform for non-binary individuals to find support and celebrate their identities with their allies.

Branding & Identity Design / UI & UX Design


Our world is set up for a gender binary in which your sex must match your gender. This makes some people feel ignored and underrepresented. 

Create a brand whose purpose is to affirm the identities of transgender and non-binary individuals.

Revel uplifts non-binary and trans communities through adult gender reveal parties, inclusive greeting cards, community events, and online resources. 

Caroline Moyer-Kardos, Nick Waddell

Over half of Gen Z reports knowing someone who goes by non-traditional gender pronouns like “they/them.”


Celebrates every individual’s gender identity by introducing a non-binary gender reveal party kit, as well as a platform for uplifting queer communities through celebration and every day support.


A collection of resources to find support and educational materials—lists resources for trans/non-binary people and the people who love them.


Curated stories from other news and content sources—aggregates trans and non-binary content from across the web


Revel Party Box

A “gender reveal” party-in-a-box for non-binary and trans adults.
Includes: banner, confetti balloons, cake mix, pronoun pins, kazoos, invitations, games.


The Revel Tour

To bring the party and uplifting messaging of Revel to the physical world, a traveling tour of speaking events will be arranged.

Revel will collaborate with local organizations to create safe spaces and celebrations of identity and trans communities.


Gender Reveals

Became popular circa 2011 and have blown up thanks to Instagram.

However, these celebrations confuse the idea of sex vs. gender and reinforce the idea of a strict gender binary.



Revel uplifts queer communities by:


Coming Out Journey

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 10.51.45 AM.png

How Revel can support individuals coming out at all stages of their journey.

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User Persona

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User Testing & Survey Feedback

Through in-person interviews and online surveys, we were able to re-focus our approach from an earlier adaption, and realized that throwing a “coming out” or gender reveal party isn’t for everyone. With this in mind, we want to make sure that all communications around the party box has to be outrageous and purposefully irreverent, while the website and support materials need to be factual and incite trust in the user.

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Inspired by the androgyny of David Bowie, as well as colors and type treatments from the 70s, we developed a visual language, including an updated logo and colors to keep this spirit alive..


MY ROLE: Original concept and strategy, branding and identity design, Art Direction